“Our daughter, Whitley, had a unique goal in mind for her college soccer experience.  She wanted soccer to be the gateway to an exceptional academic institution, located in the north. Living in the south, this made it a bit more difficult, but through Ronnie and Brandy’s help we were able to identify not only great schools, but also great coaches and soccer programs.  Their personal relationships with coaches ensured she was able to play in showcases and be seen at camps in the north.  Ronnie and Brandy identified the University of Chicago as the perfect fit for Whitley, which included a top 4 academic school, a top 20 soccer program and a great coach.   Whitley is thrilled with her choice, and p3soccer was key in making her decision.” – Ann Cargile, mother of Whitley Cargile, a current Division III student-athlete

“When Mary Francis and I first met with Brandy and Ronnie, we quickly realized how little we knew about playing at the collegiate level and what that entailed.  Through our interactions with them, they got to know Mary Francis on an interpersonal level, address what her aspirations were both academically and athletically, and helped us narrow our search to schools that fit her criteria.  I firmly believe that getting involved with p3soccer was an investment towards her future, and the connections these ladies have to the women’s college soccer community opened up avenues we couldn’t easily access on our own. ” – Tim Hoots, father of Mary Francis Hoots, a current Division I student-athlete

Natalie Aaron



“With her immense knowledge of the business and strong network in the coaching industry, Brandy Gagliano really helped me navigate through the recruiting process
. She made sure I was on top of the recruiting process and capitalized on any opportunities that came my way.

Her honest feedback and guidance helped me make the best decision for me and my family and find the best fit for my college career. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her players and is always willing to do anything and everything she can to help them find success.” – Natalie Aaron, former University of South Carolina student-athlete   

Megan Forester“Leading up to my Junior year of high school, I was on the search for the perfect college for me both academically and athletically. Entering my Junior year, I tore my ACL and the entire recruiting process changed for me. The recruiting process is already overwhelming and confusing at times; therefore, the impact of my injury increased these doubts even more.

If it wasn’t for Vanderbilt Head Coach, Ronnie Woodard’s confidence and knowledge of me as a player I would not have been as successful as I was at Vanderbilt University. She recruited me with confidence and it was exactly what I need as a player in the recruiting process. She knew that the University had both the athletic and academic environment I was looking for in a prospective college.

After playing college soccer for her, I can honestly say I have not only become a better soccer player, but I have become a better person thanks to her guidance over those four years. As I continue my career as a soccer coach, I have her to thank for how successful I have been thus far and in the future.” – Megan Forester, former Vanderbilt University student-athlete

Tara Hodgson“It is very simple: I would never have made it to the highest level of Women’s Soccer without the guidance, support, and leadership of Brandy. The recruiting process can be extremely overwhelming, confusing, and often misleading – it is an absolutely necessity to have someone who is experienced and respected within the soccer realm guiding your decisions.

There are elements involved in the recruiting process that are foreign to players and parents – but not to a veteran in the collegiate soccer industry like Brandy. Not only is she an extremely talented coach but a kind, honest person – I trusted her wisdom because I knew she had my best interests as a player and a person in mind.

Looking back, I know for a fact I would never have played for one of the top ten Division One Teams in the nation if it had not been for Brandy Gagliano.” – Tara Hodgson, former University of Washington student-athlete


Sarah Dennis“Both of these women are what I would consider to be the best in the soccer biz, and I would strongly recommend them as a source for families who have realized that knowledge is power in the soccer scholarship world.  I don’t think either of my daughters (Sarah and Susannah Dennis) would have received the excellent education, the skill development necessary for SEC play or their personal strength and courage without the help of Brandy Gagliano and Ronnie Woodard.” – Kathleen Swanton, mother of two former Division 1 student-athletes Sarah and Susannah Dennis, Vanderbilt University and the University of Georgia


“Through the expertise and careful guidance of Brandy Gagliano, we were able to learn about and better comprehend what choices were available to us when searching for college soccer programs for our daughter with an emphasis on academic excellence and how to best be targeted for athletic recruitment at the colleges of choice.. Brandy and her knowledgeable staff were instrumental in helping us to network, educate ourselves in the application process and land the scholarship opportunity that we otherwise would not have thought possible.” – Joe Bowen, Father of former Division 1 student-athlete, Carly Bowen, Texas Christian University